Monday, April 24, 2017

Month 9 Week 4

Go back through the Blog, each week has presented some very useful information for your Language Arts final. I would like you to respond by citing the Month and week of the Blog you found most interesting and helpful and discuss why. 


  1. Month 6 week 4 Bias. When we write an argumentative essay we will sometimes put more influence on our side of the argument making our opinion bias towards the opposite side. This also helps us when we are reading an argumentative essay we can detect if the writer was bias when they were writing the essay.

    1. Matthew,

      I also liked Month 6 Week 4's blog post on Bias! It definitely was very informative in teaching us about how to recognize bias and how to refrain from using it at the wrong times.

      Your Peer,
      Kelly :)

  2. Month 8 week 4 Word Relations. When authors write and use word relation to a word or idea it adds imagery and interest in the reader. It also adds description to the idea or word.

  3. Although it is a difficult decision, I think my favorite discussion board post this semester has been Month 6 Week 3, which was about Author's Purpose. I had heard of author's purpose and had to deal with it a bit before, but I never really understood exactly what it was! The PowerPoint and the guess-the-purpose statement in the blog post were both fun and easy to digest. Now, I know that there are four main author's purposes - to inform, to persuade, to entertain, and to describe -, and I know how to define and use them!

    Thank you for all of this great information, Dr. Chipman! I have enjoyed these discussion boards very much and will miss having you for Language Arts next year!

  4. My most liked discussion board would have to be Month 9 Week 3, Because it tells you tips on studying for your finals. If your like me, you sometimes have trouble studying and this discussion board told me how to pay attention and learn the facts i need to know for the test that is coming up i need to pass.

    Thank you to whom as posted these articles.

  5. My favorite Blog was month 8 week 2. The art of allusion is very important when writing stories. You can make the reader believe something will happen when it really won't. The art of allusion can be used in many ways in horror and adventure stories to movies and tv shows. The art of allusion is everywhere. The allusion element is more than a way of writing its away of life.

    Thank you! Dr. Chipman you have given us so much important information and helped us through our writing stages.

  6. Month 6 week 4 Bias. This article was the most helpful and resourceful to me because I, as well as many others in the world, need to know if their sources are balanced and fair. In the current craze of "Fake News", people need to know now more than ever how to detect biased opinions in where they get their information.

  7. I found the post from Month 8 Week 2 on Allusions to be particularly interesting. I have a love for pop culture and history, so as a writer, I wind up referencing them quite a bit to reinforce ideas and emphasize connections and traits. It was very useful to learn further semantics of allusions so I can better utilize them in my writing. I was especially interested in the portion of the video that details the three most alluded-to bodies of work: Greek/Roman Mythology, the Bible, and Shakespeare. That part, in particular, has helped alter the way I think about storytelling.

  8. The blog post about bias in month 6 Week 4 was the most helpful to me. It helped me realize how difficult it was to write or talk about any topic without bias. - Katie KInoshita

  9. Month 6 Week 4's blog post about propaganda enlightened me on the fact that propaganda is not always negative. I was amazed by how much propaganda actually surrounds us today, and was able to categorize what I currently see in today's media into the seven types of propaganda.

  10. Month 9 week 3 was the most helpful because it gave some helpful test taking strategies to consider.